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Hi there, I’m Claire, photographer, recipe developer and writer behind this blog.

Sprinkles and Sprouts is my internet home and I just love that you are here! I want to welcome you with a plate of something delicious and a glass of something refreshing. Because entertaining and celebrating friends and family is what I love best. Whether that is an elegant 8 course Christmas degustation, a casual kitchen supper, New Year drinks and canapés or a buffet style backyard barbecue. When you visit Sprinkles and Sprouts HQ you can be certain there will be something scrumptious to greet you.

As the mum of 2 boys, living in rural Australia I know that sometimes going out for dinner isn’t easy. There are babysitters to find, children to get to bed, a 40 minute taxi rides to the train station and then there is the realisation that you aren’t used to high heels anymore and the restaurant is at least 15 minutes walk once you get off the train!
Not to mention that if you are meeting friends they have to do the exact same thing! And finding a babysitter is HARD!

Oh I love eating out, I love restaurants, I love reading menus and trying new dishes, but sometimes organising a night out can feel like a military manoeuvre. Which is why I also love entertaining at home.

Having friends over for dinner or drinks and nibbles is one of my totally favourite ways to spend the weekend. I pull out the platters, whip up a few canapés, mix a jug of cocktails and turn on the tunes.

The food on Sprinkles and Sprouts is organised by occasion, but there are many overlaps. So I am sure you will find something perfect.

In Party Food, you will find canapés, finger foods, party snacks and sweet bites. All these dishes are easy to make for a crowd, because when you have a party, even though many parties end in the kitchen, you don’t want to spend your whole evening there!

I have a whole section of casual suppers with friends, these are dishes that could be fed to the family but that can easily be dressed up and served to guests. Nothing that requires hours in the kitchen and every recipe is made with easy to find supermarket ingredients.

For more formal occasions I have a Dinner party section, dishes that need a little more prep and beautiful plating. But still super easy and achievable. Again all made with supermarket ingredients.

Then we have a large section for the Laid Back Days you spend with friends; brunches, summer picnics, barbecues and dishes perfect for a leisurely lunch. Also in that section you will find my ‘Designated Driver’ section. Drinks for those who don’t or can’t drink alcohol. Don’t forget them, they want something wonderful to drink too.

One of my favourite categories is my ‘Secret Weapons’ section. In here you’ll find some simple recipes that can transform a meal. Sauces, flavoured butters, spice rubs and much more. A simple grilled chicken breast can be elevated with a pat of homemade butter. As the name suggests there is an arsenal of easy recipes that can boost your meals.

And lastly my cocktail section, full of my favourite G&T’s, martinis and many more, because when I entertain at home I know my drinks cabinet will be open and I’ll be mixing pitchers or shaking cocktails.

I hope you find something delicious to share with your friends and family. Because cooking for those you love should be fun, stress free and achievable.

Sprinkle your friends and family with love.


Claire x



Sprinkles and Sprouts
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