Lychee Martini

Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!

With the sweet taste of grape, strawberry and melon, lychees are so unique and so wonderful. So how better to enjoy them than mixed with more lychee and a bit of vodka to create the seriously drinkable Lychee Martini.

Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!

Lychee Martinis are perfect for a girls night in. Sweet enough, but with a hint of lemon, you can sit at kitchen bar and imagine you are in a posh hotel in your LBD, but with the advantage of hanging with your girlfriends in yoga pants and thick socks….Don’t judge me it is cold here!! 😉

Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!

We have been drinking a lot of martinis recently!

Mostly because as few weeks ago I went out for a delicious lunch with my girl friends. Seriously it was the best!!! I had a prawn gnocchi dish that was amazing. I didn’t share a single bite! I want to try and recreate it, so if I can get it perfect it might end up on the blog…..Either way I’ll have run trying 😉

Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!

So after being a food scrounge, I graciously opted in to the dessert sharing. 5 desserts…5 girlfriends… of everything!!!!

But to finish up the meal, we hit the martini list! I came home, via the bottle shop and stocked up on a few ingredients, I had plans for espresso martinis and turkish delight martinis. But! Lychee liqueur was on special, so it made it to my trolley! And then whilst at Bunbury Farmers Market I got a great deal on lychees!! It was serendipitous!!! Lychee martinis had to be first on the list!

Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!

I love love love lychee martinis!!!!!! Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!! I stress this one – VERY drinkable! Please drink with care. I promise you that after a triple batch of these the world seems brighter and funnier but the morning feels earlier, harder and very very headachy!!! 😳

I have given quantities for what most people would class as enough for 4 people, but I have extra large martini glasses!!!!!

Cheers xx

P.S if you love a martini then check out my Cherrytini, or Cotton Candy Martini, or for something more savoury try my Spiced Capsicum Martini. (can you tell I love martinis???)

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Lychee Martinis - Sweet, tropical and very very drinkable!!!!
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Lychee Martini

Lychee Martinis. They taste of holidays, sunshine and tropical beaches. You can close your eyes and imagine relaxing by a crystal blue swimming pool, with a great book and no noisy kids.
Course Cocktail
Cuisine Modern Australian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 118 kcal
Author Claire | Sprinkles and Sprouts


  • 45 ml /1.5floz lychee liqueur
  • 90 ml /3floz vodka
  • 60 ml /2floz lychee syrup - See notes
  • 1-2 tsp lemon juice (depending on how sweet you like your cocktails)


  1. Measure everything into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice and shake well for 20 seconds.
  2. Pour through a strainer and serve garnished with a lychee

Recipe Notes

I use the syrup drained from a tin of lychees

Nutrition Facts
Lychee Martini
Amount Per Serving
Calories 118
% Daily Value*
Total Carbohydrates 10g 3%
Sugars 6g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.




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  3. Reply

    I’m adding this one to your Cherrytini, will be a fabulous party with these drinks, thanks Claire x

    1. Reply

      With a few testers before the party? 😉 x

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    • Dorothy Dunton
    • July 8, 2016

    Hi Claire! I have not had lychees in forever! I’m so glad you used vodka and not gin…I am not a fan of gin. Gary is a martini purist, it must be gin with a hint of vermouth. Not me, I go for a vodka martini every time! I love that everyone ordered a different dessert for sharing! That’s what we do with the entire meal when we are out with friends or family!

    1. Reply

      I love a gin and tonic with a splash of grapefruit 🙂
      But when it comes to martinis I am definitely in the vodka camp. (Maybe it is the childhood memories of watching Bond films on a Sunday afternoon!)

      I love meals like that. I think that is why tapas and the sharing platters are where my eye starts when I look at a menu. So much better to have a little bit of lots of things 🙂

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