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Homemade Soft Tortilla Wrap Recipe

Soft flour tortillas, essential for tacos, quesadillas, burritos and fajitas. This recipe produces soft flexible tortillas with just 5 ingredients.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time2 mins
Total Time22 mins
Course: Side
Cuisine: Mexican
Servings: 16 Tortillas
Calories: 128kcal
Author: Claire | Sprinkles and Sprouts
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  • 3 cups AP flour - see note 1
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup hot water - see note 2


  • Tip the flour, salt and baking powder into the bowl of your stand mixer. (see note 3 for doing the recipe by hand)
    3 cups AP flour
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp baking powder

  • Use the dough hook to give the dry ingredients a mix, then add in the oil and water .
    ⅓ cup vegetable oil
    1 cup hot water

  • Mix on a low speed (I use speed 1 on my kitchen aid), pushing down any flour, for 3 minutes until a firm smooth ball forms.
  • Flour you bench top and tip the dough out.
  • Cut it in half and in half again until you have cut 16 equal pieces (see note 4 if you want bigger or smaller tortillas)
  • Use the palm of your hand to flatten each of your balls as much as you can and then cover with a tea-towel.
  • Leave the dough to rise for 15-20minutes.
  • Place a heavy bottomed frying pan or skillet over a medium heat.
  • Lightly flour your bench top and then use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of dough until it is almost transparent.
  • Cook the tortilla for 1 minute then flip it ad cook it for a further 30 seconds.
  • It should have a few light brown patches on it. If you find it is going too brown then lower the heat.
  • Transfer the finsihed tortilla to a clean tea-towel and keep wrapped until ready to serve. (see note 5 for make ahead options)
  • Repeat with each ball of dough.
  • Serve immediatly or store for later (see note 5)


  1. You can replace the AP flour/plain flour with wholewheat flour if you wish.
  2. Using hot water means your dough will come together quicker and be smoother. It wants to feel hot to the touch, but not so hot that it burns your fingers. 
  3. To make this by hand, combine the dry ingredients into a bowl then add in the oil and hot water. Start to combine with a spoon and once a rough dough forms, use your hands to knead it into a smooth ball. Continue the recipe as instructed.
  4. If you want larger tortillas, divide the mixture into less portions.
  5. Make-Ahead

    You can make the dough ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours or the freezer for 3 months. 
    Allow to come to room temperature before portioning and rolling.

    Storing homemade tortillas

    Can you store them in the fridge?
    Pop them in the refrigerator, and they will last for 4-5 days. Or they will keep in a ziplock bag, on the counter or in a bread bin for 24-48 hours. 
    Can you freeze tortilla wraps
    Yes! Once cooked, layer the tortillas between parchment/baking paper and freeze in a ziplock bag. Store them flat in the freezer, and they will keep for up to 6 months.
    Will all of the above methods, warm the tortillas through before using:

    How to reheat flour tortillas? 

    You can either wrap them in foil and warm them in the oven for 10 minutes, or place them on a plate, cover them with a damp paper towel and microwave for 20-30 seconds. 


Calories: 128kcal | Carbohydrates: 18g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Calcium: 17mg | Iron: 1.1mg
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