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Eyeball Martini

Gross eh?!?!?!?! And totally cool!!! Perfect for Halloween! These eyeball martinis will amuse and disgust your guests in equal measure!

These ‘eyeballs’ are perfect for any drink! Slip them into a classic martini, for a twist on a dirty martini. Skewer them on the edge of your bloody mary. Or if you could just eat them 😉 I decided to float them in my spiced capsicum martini. I love how spooky they look in the red liquid.

I think it adds an extra halloween edge to them. I also floated a spider in them, as I thought it was suitably cool and halloweeny. (So a word!!!!)

This is hardly a recipe really it is stuffing an olive inside an onion! 😉 The only really tricky bit, is getting the middle out of the onion. You have to cut the root end off the onion and then use the wrong end of the spoon to pull out the middle section of the onion. After that is is just squashing an olive into a hole. Easy 😀

You can get the recipe for spiced capsicum martinis here.

Enjoy x

p.s BOO! Happy Halloween!

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Eye Ball Martini

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2
Author Claire | Sprinkles and Sprouts



  • Cut the root end off your pickled onions and use the end of a spoon to push out the middle. This will give you the 'socket'.
  • Cut the end off the green olives and push them into the socket of the pickled onion.
  • Skewer with a cocktail stick.
  • I added mine to my spiced capsicum martini but add them to any drink or serve them as an appetiser at your halloween party.

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