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Lemon Iced Tea. The perfect afternoon drink, a great balance of tea, sugar and lemon. A refreshing and delicious classic. Perfect for drinks in the garden.

Lemon Iced Tea

Some days you just have to kick back. After a week of school holidays, and plenty of high energy activities, I was ready for a day with my bestie. So we enjoyed sprinklers in the garden, some very complicated game that involved every teddy bear on the planet, fish and chips for dinner and then the […]

Summerthyme cocktail. A refreshing mix of fruit and sparkling wine.

Summerthyme Cocktail (with easy Mocktail option)

How has your Saturday been? My parents have taken the boys down to the lake so I am enjoying a drink and some peace and quiet. It is rare I get to blog in the day whilst it is quiet. Usually I write a few lines, then make juice, write a few more lines then chop […]

Sprinkles and Sprouts
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