20 Delicious and Different Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

20 Delicious and different ways to enjoy your coffee. A list of some delicious and surprising ways to put coffee into your meal

Did you know that today (1st of October 2015) is the first ever International Coffee Day? No? Well you do now 😉  I was pretty excited when I found out, we all know how much I love coffee!!! And if you didn’t know that well you do now 😉
You are learning so much today! Must be the coffee in your body reacting to the fact that around the world people are celebrating the wonderful drink that is coffee.

20 Delicious and different ways to enjoy your coffee

On Tuesday I shared a delicious coffee marinated steak recipe as it was National Coffee day here in Australia. It was also my step-mum’s birthday 😉 (Don’t worry I remembered to send cards) (more new information for you!!! – Gold mine of useless information here today!!!)

National Coffee Day, International Coffee Day. Coffee is being celebrated a lot! I celebrate it every morning 365 days a year. Coffee I don’t need a day, I love you all year round 😉 And my kids love you……..because once Mummy has had coffee she isn’t quite so stressy.

Today I am doing a round up of some of the amazing and surprising ways we can get more coffee. We are eating our coffee as well as drinking it. So celebrate International Coffee Day and let’s work our way through the list….don’t worry you can sleep at the weekend!

Starting off with savoury, moving onto breakfast and finishing up with sweet treats and drinks. This list has something for everyone. Well unless they don’t like coffee and then I think you are in the wrong place! At least for today xx

Coffee Crusted Steak by Fox Valley Foodie.

Here the Fox rubs a delicious mix of herbs, spices and coffee onto his steak before cooking it to utter perfection. Seriously! How good does this steak look. And you have to go over and read his post. The first paragraph had me nodding along and laughing. Spot on Fox!

FOX VALLY FOODIE coffee-crusted-steak-rub
Image by Fox Valley Foodie

Duck Bacon Jam with Coffee and Thyme – by Suitcase Foodist

I am loving everything about this!!!! Bacon Jam is one of the best inventions ever!!! And now we can have it with coffee in it, and the deeply savoury taste of duck. YUM!!! I want a bowl of this with some cheddar cheese, water biscuits and a sofa with my bestie!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Image by Suitcase Foodist

Coffee Spice Grill Rub by Sunny Side Ups

Imagine this sprinkled over some chicken thighs before you throw them on the barbie! Such a wonderful mixture of flavours. Or brush some mushrooms with a touch of oil, sprinkle them with this and get them on the barbie too. Or the oven…as long as there is coffee involved I’m not fussed 😉

SunnySideups - CoffeeGrillRub3
Image by Sunny Side Ups

Coffee Marinated Skirt Steak – by Sprinkles and Sprouts

The wonderful, smoky, sweet, tangy marinade does wonders for this cheaper cut of beef. It is juicy, delicious and even the kids will eat this one. And it is a sinch to make!

Image by Sprinkles and Sprouts

Slow Cooker Coffee Rubbed Beef Brisket by Pack Momma

This beef looks so succulent! And Heather over at Pack Momma stuffs it into bread rolls. Bread rolls are one of my favourite ways to eat most meats. I love a good sandwich!!! And this barbecue flavoured beef would be perfect for munching on with the kids whilst you watch the Saturday movie. Yum!!!

Packed Momma
Image by Packed Momma

Fennel, Prosciutto & Pomegranate Salad with Coffee Balsamic by Sweet Paul

This salad is inspired! Pomegranates, rocket, prosciutto to name a few ingredients and then the crowning glory, the genius…the coffee balsamic vinaigrette. I could drink this stuff!!!! I love this dish. I have made the dressing up just to dip bread in. Seriously love it!!!

Image by Sweet Paul

Coffee, Chile Rubbed Steak with Chimichurri Sauce By Katie at the Kitchen Door

This dish just screams flavour! The steak all charred from the barbie, with the fresh herby piquant dressing. In fact the whole menu that Katie has going on screams….COME FOR DINNER.

Image by Katie at the Kitchen Door

Hot and Spicy Chicken Skewers by Sprinkles and Sprouts

Not for the faint hearted, these skewers pack a punch! Marinated in a chilli spiked coffee mixture perfect for serving on a bed of sweet corn, this is a dinner that is fit for any cowboy. Add a jacket potato with blue cheese butter on the side and you have a great tex-mex style dinner.

Hot and Spicy Chicken Skewers. These skewers pack a delicious and spicy punch. Perfect for game night or as footie snacks, all washed down with a cold beer!
Image by Sprinkles and Sprouts

 Coffee Rubbed Prime Rib Roast with Roasted Garlic Gorgonzola Butter. by Half Baked Harvest

Oh my goodness, just look at this roast. A rib is a wonderful cut, it roasts quickly, is beautifully tender and the bone helps everything stand up as it should. And what Tieghan has done with this dish is amazing, there are some inspired ingredients in her rub and then there is that butter! Blue cheese and beef – Yes. Roasted garlic and beef – Yes. Together with beef….sublime!

Image by Half Baked Harvest

Maple Coffee glazed Bacon by The Worktop

If you are not a morning person, then I don’t judge. I come from a line of non-morning people. Seriously try and talk to my sister until she has been up at least a couple of hours and you need to be wearing protective clothing. Love ya Cece xx

So if you aren’t a morning person then this recipe is for you. I mean what is not to love. Bacon – check. Maple – check. Coffee – double check! See. It is the best idea for breakfast ever. Plenty of this stuffed inside soft bread rolls, a double espresso on the side and I think even my sister might be up to some morning conversation. If I added a little bit of smoked cheese to her roll I think she might even smile 😉

THE WORKTOP - Maple-Coffee-Bacon-Tray-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vkE16pP66m
Image by The Worktop

Mocha Granola with Cashews from Rhubarbarians

And another way to eat coffee for breakfast whilst you sip your double shot latte. A crunchy, cereal that takes coffee and chocolate and makes it acceptable to have them together at breakfast. And for those of you not so sure about chocolate for breakfast… about having this for pud sprinkled over some coffee ice cream! (Don’t worry I have some of those for you later!)

RHUBARBARIANS -Mocha-granola-with-cashews-6802
Image by Rhubarbarians

Espresso Chai by Ciao Florentina

Last breakfast on the list (unless you want cupcakes for breakfast – again I won’t judge! Just drop one over!) is this healthy option, with the super food chia and coconut milk this is perfect for breakfast on the run. And look how beautiful it is presented inside a coconut shell! I want to go stay at Ciao’s villa!!!!

CIAO FLORENTIAN - Espresso-Chia-Recipe-1
Image by Ciao Florentina

Coffee Bean Syrup by Kleinworth & Co

Whip up some pancake bites, pour over coffee syrup, then try and tell me you don’t like mornings! 😉 Honestly can you think of anything better, fluffy pancakes with a sweet sticky coffee syrup on them? I can! Waffles with the same syrup!
This would also be great poured over vanilla ice cream.

Image by Kleinworth & Co.

Coffee Baileys Macarons by Liv for Cake

The title of this just calls my name. I love Baileys, it has an unrivalled richness, smoothness and overall comforting flavour. But put that flavour together with coffee and then turn the whole thing into a crisp coat, chewy centred macaron. Well you know there is heaven right there in that mouthful. And the beauty of macarons is you can make them in advance so no will see the mess you have made.

Image by Liv for Cake

Chocolate Espresso Dip by Dip Recipe Creations

I am so excited by this one. I love nibbles, I have a whole recipe collection for them! So when I saw this dip I was a bit giddy. A dip made with coffee…genius. This would be perfect for serving with some crispy pretzel bites or biscotto. I also thought you could spread this on melba toast! Or just eat it with a spoon 😉

Image by Dip Recipe Creations

Kahlua Milkshake by Splash of Vanilla

I love Emma’s recipe and her disclaimer that this “doesn’t even taste like there’s alcohol in it”. This is essentially a super rich iced coffee with the added bonus of Kahlua. I can imagine drinking more of these than I should and having a bad head the following morning! But look at the photo, doesn’t it just shout,” it is a hot day, drink me.”

Image by Splash of Vanilla

No Churn Mocha Ice Cream by A Calculated Whisk

I adore coffee ice cream, we used to be able to buy a brand in our local supermarket that was beautiful. Rich and creamy and with a real taste of coffee. Sadly it was discontinued, luckily they put the remainder or sale, so I stocked up. They are long gone, so this recipe from Becky is perfect. No churn and no worrying about ice crystal. Just smooth, soft delicious coffee ice-cream.  She even shows you how you can adapt it and make it gluten free. Perfect for my Dad, although he only drinks decaf coffee (Yes I know I have told him. Decaf coffee is broken coffee!!!! But he doesn’t listen!) So no ice cream for you Dad, which is no worries as I know Stew and I will have NO problems finishing this one!

Image by A Calculated Whisk

Coffee Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting by Homemade Food Junkie

Coffee cake is my favourite type of cake, so when I saw theses I just wanted to dive right in. Then I read the title and I wanted to rip the bottom of the cake off sandwich in that frosting and gobble the whole lot! Coffee and salted caramel together in a cupcake, hand these the cupcake crown (it is so a real thing 😉 )

20 Delicious and different ways to enjoy your coffee. A list of some delicious and surprising ways to put coffee into your meal
Image by Homemade Food Junkie

Long Island Iced Coffee by Supergolden Bakes

Seen as it is nearly Friday how about a cocktail? A coffee cocktail, now that has got to get you up and dancing to ABBA….You can tell how long it is since I went dancing 😉 No seriously, how good does this sound, all the wonderful spirits you usually see in a long island iced tea, but with actual coffee in it. This cocktail (unlike it’s tea counterpart) really lives up to it’s name. Just be careful this is packing it in when it comes to alcohol! Cheers

Image by Supergolden Bakes

Cotton Candy Coffee by The Worktop

I love everything on this list. Coffee in food sounds like my idea of heaven, but I think, I may, if pushed pick this recipe as my favourite. (And I have two recipes of my own in the list!!) I found this recipe a few months back. I love the originality of this, the theatre of this and the sweet reason that Tina came up with the recipe. Seriously get on over there and read her beautiful story!!! And watch the video!

Image by The Worktop

Happy International Coffee Day. I’m off for another cup x

20 Delicious and different ways to enjoy your coffee. A list of some delicious and surprising ways to put coffee into your meal


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    • Dini
    • January 2, 2017

    Your new style is so unique in comparison to other food blogs.

    1. Reply

      Thank you 🙂

      I am so pleased you love the new look!

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  2. Reply

    I just want to devour every one of these recipes! Thanks so much for including our Caramel Salted Cupcakes Claire! Sharing this outstanding round up!

  3. I totally love all the unique coffee recipes. Coffee is so wonderful to drink, but also such a great ingredient. A big thanks for including my espresso dip in this roundup.

    1. Reply

      I love love love coffee so anywhere I can get more of it is a good thing:-)
      I was so excited by your dip Darlene, great for eating with sweet crackers 🙂

  4. Reply

    Coffee is my favorite thing forever and ever amen! How can someone look at these photos and not drool all over their keyboards ? Such creative ideas !Thank you for the mention xo’s

  5. So very flattered to have our Duck Bacon Jam w/ Coffee & Thyme recipe included here. I’m going to have coffee jitters for days from trying out all these recipes. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Reply

      You are welcome Lydia. I am loving it, perfect for cheese and crackers 🙂

      Hehe, I drink so much coffee I think my body has learnt to ignore the jitters 😉

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